Silja Truus

Silja Truus is an emerging sculptor living and working between London, UK and Tartu, Estonia. She graduated from The University of Westminster with MA in Art and Media Practice and had her first solo exhibition in 2011. Her work has also been featured in several group shows, one of them in a Cork Street gallery.

Silja is an artist who poses questions that are concerned with human condition and our place in the world at the most fundamental level. She endeavours to give a simple, iconic, and instinctually comprehensible form to concepts that have often been developed through extensive research and introspection. In addition to psychology, she draws inspiration form art history and Eastern philosophy.

Most of her work has both abstract and representational elements, and often contrasting materials and textures/colours. Silja works in a variety of media, including stone, steel, clay, bronze, and found objects – based on the principle that the concept always comes first and the characteristics of the materials will be carried into and become an inherent part in the final piece.

2018 Metsik/Wild. Exhibition and Symposium. Viisli, Põlva County, Estonia

2017 Tartu Artists Annual Exhibition, Tartu Art House, Tartu, Estonia

2017 Small Works Composed of Old Steel Found in Thames. Chelsea Arts Club, London

2017 Conference on Mermaids, Maritime Folklore, and Modernity. Kulturhuset Indre By, Copenhagen

2017 Artrooms 2017. Art fair. Melia White House Hotel, London

2016 Unusual Materials and Collage. Group exhibition. Chelsea Arts Club, London

2016 A Journey: Loneliness, Hope and Resilience. Group exhibition. Mental Health Institute, Nottingham

2015 The Other Side. Group exhibition. Chelsea Arts Club, London

2011 Elements. Solo exhibition. Acquire Arts Gallery, London

2010 Interim Exhibition. MA Art and Media Practice group exhibition. Gallery West, London

2009 Beloved Light. Group show with Mario Carrieri and Iris Throsteindottir. Hay Hill Gallery, London

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