Exhibition with Ove Maidla at Vabaduse gallery, Tallinn, Estonia
5. –31.01.2024

In the Deep, There is High, in the Low, Sublime
Exhibition at Viinistu Kunstimuuseumi Tünnigalerii, Viinistu, Estonia
15.06 –10.07.2019
Opening 15.06. 2pm

The sculptures in the exhibition “In the Deep, There is High, in the Low, Sublime” have been born from the sense that human being is a paradox, and the realisation that digging deep into the psyche reveals the same results as ascending from oneself. We are tiny wild animals that want to burrow into the warm and moist earth, hide under the moss – and we are also divine beings, made of void and energy, who possess the ability to be in union with the cosmos. We are sublime and subhuman. The wild in us is “given” as is the divine – we discover it in ourselves, in our subconscious, and yet it is a mystery for us. Our body that we inherited from the animalkind, with its memories of our ancestors, is a part of the same secret as our consciousness and sense of divinity; it is not less valuable, less noble. There are many layers in us, many hidden talents, archetypes, urges and fears. All of it is us – more horrible than we can believe, more awesome than we can utilise. When we delve deeper into ourselves, we can find unlimited peace and obsessive fear.

Themes of the exhibition are these archetypes, that may be familiar, but also that sense on delving deep, introspection, recognising flickers from the subconscious. There are archaic works reminiscent of traditional art, made of metal pieces and bones found in the mud of a river. Balancing those, there are lighter pieces, made of marble powder, alabaster and plaster. Those are more lyrical, depicting idealised faces. In addition there are a couple of pieces with electric lights.

Photographs and texts accompanying the 'Elements' project